You Should Watch The Top 10 Banned Movies In India

In India, a lot of movies have been banned in the previous century by the Censor Board and more movies are banned because of their illegal content.

Here the list of Top 10 banned movies you want to in India


The film was the last aspect of Element’s trilogy Water. ‘ There were protests before the shooting days of the film and the sets of the film were demolished in 2000. Arun Pathak, a human activist, organized a suicide protest, to prevent production, while the UP federal government chose to discourage the shooting. Later in 2007, the film was publicly released.


This was the first major Indian film to explicitly portray homosexual relations. The film was launched with numerous controversies and demonstrations that led to the film being banned by the censor board.

8.Black Friday

The film was based on the 1993 bomb blasts and it was a genuine tale about Hussain Zaidi’s book “Black Friday– Actual Story of the Mumbai Blasts.” The film was arguable and the 1993 bubble decision, which the censor board decided to ban the film, was still not finished.

7.Fifty Shades of Grey

For its explicit sexual content, the film was prohibited in India. Despite multiple reductions that were made, the Indian Censor Board did not offer the film any rating.

6.URF Professor

Pankaj Advani produced the film with Sharman Joshi, Manoj Pahwa, and Antoor Mali, and yet the censor board was forbidden to make the movie due to striking and fierce scenes.


In 2003, Anurag Kashyap gave this film. This film was produced by the blue pencil board as Ben on the basis that the film was much more than bribery and drug use. These movies can be accessed on YouTube, however.

4. Kamasutra

The film was not able to appear quite honestly on the big screen because the film has an explosion of suggestive scenes which the family could not see. Yet, as usual, this YouTube movie has been seen more than once.

3. Bandit Queen

The movie was a biographical movie about Phoolan Devi’s life. The movie was prohibited when the authenticity of facts was challenged by Phoolan Devi. The movie was launched and screened at the Edinburgh Film Festival at the Cannes Film Festival


This movie was produced in 2005 on the subject of an administration and a lady congregation, which in Christian Dharam was extremely wild, and it was not unloaded from the control board but was made available on YouTube for a lengthy moment.

1. Unfreedom

The blue censor board was limited to the movie “Unfreedom” in the context of homosexual interactions. With your family, you can’t see this movie. However, on YouTube, you can easily watch this film.